News from the Southwest

We are trying something new in the Southwest District.  We will no longer be publishing a monthly newsletter.  We will be posting information on this page as it becomes available.  You will want to check back to this page frequently to see any updates.  When important information comes up, we will continue to send emails to those signed up for the newsletter list and it will be posted on Facebook.
updated August 8, 2019


Hymnals Needed

Click here to learn more about the need for hymnals!

In Mission Together Training

·         Simpler than Rainbow Covenant

·         Gives credit for volunteer work

·         Encourages real partnerships

Come to a preview of the new “In Mission Together” reporting form that takes the place of Rainbow Covenant.  Cathy Nutting and Judy Marnin will conduct two training sessions on September 17 at 2:00 p.m. at Oakland UMC and 6:00 p.m. at Greenfield UMC.  This training will look at the new form and answer questions about using the online form at  It’s easy!.  Join us on September 17 in either Oakland or Greenfield.  We look forward to seeing you!

Pastor Cathy Nutting, Southwest District representative to the Mission Education Committee

Judy Marnin, Iowa Conference Advocate for the GBGM In Mission Together

Matthew 25 Grant Applications

Matthew 25 Grant Applications are now available on the Forms page.  Click Here.   They are due back in the District Office prior to September 16.

Charge Conference and Professional Interviews

All information about charge conferences and professional interviews may be found on their respective pages.  Please check out the dates NOW!  Just a reminder that Pastors will be responsible for changing their dates with someone for both interviews and charge conferences and then notifying the District Office.  

SW District Day Apart

Wednesday, September, 18, 2019
9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Creighton University Retreat Center (16493 Contrail Ave., Griswold, IA  51535-4296)

The Gift of Conflict: Many churches and people in general are afraid of conflict and avoid it at all costs, but conflict is a gift! Conflict is simply the presence of two or more ideas occupying the same space. A congregation must have some conflict to be a healthy, vital congregation. If there is no conflict in a congregation it means there is nothing worth being passionate or excited about. Apathy is a bigger stumbling block to vitality than conflict. How we choose to handle conflict can either be constructive or destructive to our life together in faith. This teaching session will out line some of the critical concepts of effective conflict management and offer some techniques to transform the struggle from something to be feared into the gift it can be for your congregation. The workshop will be led by members of the Iowa Conference Conflict transformation team coordinated by Rev. Dave Crow, Chairperson & Rev. Dr. Jaye Johnson, Director of Congregational Excellence.